Hivertec Edumotion Series Motion study kit (Edumotion)(HUSB-CPD402)

【Motion study kit (Edumotion)(HUSB-CPD402)】

Product lineup

Engineer person of Factory automation.

To domination in the skill improvement of the motion technology. The motion technology can be acquired in 14 days of one day hour. It is possible to start even immediately according to the text if you have one personal computer.

29,800 yen (including tax)



・The skill of the motion control is a skill in the technology of factory automation important as well as digital image processing.

・In development and the design section of the manufacturer, the engineer who has these technologies is insufficient. ・Hivertec inc develops and has supplied the motion control board, software, and the system product to a lot of users. We will offer "Motion study kit" to all engineers who want to acquire the motion skill by the knowhow cultivated for 26 years.