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Motion control boards are motor control boards which CTR series counter boards are high-speed and highly DIO series, input/output boards suit PCI, ISA, and a The ACB board distributes the cable to the device at the .....
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Embedded Boards motionCAT Others Motor Drivers
Motion control boards are motor control boards which MotionCAT is a motion network system that uses USB/PC104 bridge controls from USB of the personal Motion control boards are motor control boards which
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Trust development of Hivertec
Hivertec inc. takes pride in a high reputation in the field of the motion control system now. Especially, it is introduced into a lot of major companies, research laboratories, and universities for the control of the servo motor and it contributes to the emerging technology greatly.
Motion study kit (Edumotion)
To the engineers in the Factory Automation field.
-Skill improvement of motion technology.
- Acquiring the motion technology in 14 days if studying for one hour a day.
-Possible to start even immediately according to the text by a personal computer. Detail
29,800 yen
(including tax)
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Feature and function of CPD series motion control board
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  【For example Overlap action
  PCI BUS Based 8Axis Motion Controller: capacity increase
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