Reason why control module that is appropriate for multi axis control was adopted for 2 and 3 axis control.

Why do it control with the personal computer neither PLC, nor a sequencer?


Motioncat introduction case: ZENKYO CORPORATION cleaning equipment


[ Is there reasonably a method of complex and sophisticated control system that was not able to be achieved with the sequencer? ]

It is MotionCAT to achieve the needs.
MotionCAT can control the motor by the personal computer.

Recently, it is remarkable from a lot of industrial equipment designers who work on 'Improvement of the function and performance of the control system' .ZENKYO CORPORATION pays attention to an advanced control operation of motionCAT(R), and is one company in the enterprise that decides the introduction. .

【Function that was able to be solved with motionCAT(R)】
Change the acceleration when you improve the rotational speed of the rotating table of cleaning equipment that was not able to be achieved with the sequencer.

- An advanced regulating system that uses the personal computer is achieved.
- Development has advanced smoothly because the restriction of the programming is a little.
- Because it is a reasonable system, it is advantageous on the cost side.

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ZENKYO CORPORATION_motioncat case study

Reference [Ipurosu] publishing article on August 31, 2010

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