Module type motion control system of Hivertec,INC that attracts attention from can efficient construction of multi axis control system among industrial equipment designers "motionCAT". Actually, the advantage of motionCAT is not only a multi axis control.Because a reasonable control system that has an advanced function can be quickly constructed, the advantage is brought to a lot of industrial equipment designers who work on the function of the control system and the improvement of the performance.It is ZENKYO CORPORATION(Tokyo Kita_ku) to have attempted the evolution of the regulating system by actually using the feature of such motionCAT that manufactures an industrial equipment such as 'Equipment related Semiconductor'.

shiya Mitoma
Mr. Shinya Mitoma
Chief of Engineering Department electricity design section

ZENKYO CORPORATION established in 1964 works on the design, development, and the installation construction of an industrial device (Figure 1). A leading business has handled a lot of kinds of 'Equipment related Semiconductor' such as Full automatic cleaning equipment, Automatic etching equipment, Automatic quartz pipe cleaning equipment (length type, width type), Automatic beljar cleaning equipment, Nitriding film etching equipment, Resist exfoliation equipment, Developing Equipment, Career cleaning equipment, BOX cleaning equipment, Mask cleaning equipment, Clean draft, Clean bench, Clean storage, Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, Spin drier, Exhaust gas scrubber around 'Wafer cleaning equipment' in the latter half of the 1960's (Figure 2). We have also offered Equipment related Liquid crystal, Equipment related Optical fiber , Equipment related Solar cell, Medical fluid supply system, Tester and Peripheral equipment." We make the best use of the technology and the knowhow that has been cultivated for years, and are developing a lot of custom devices corresponding to the demand of the customer. "(Chief of Engineering Department electricity design section Mr. Shinya Mitoma)

Module type with which the best system can be promptly constructed

(Figure 1)ZENKYO CORPORATION(Saitama office)
(Figure 1)

This company adopted motionCAT of Hivertec,inc for new single wafer cleaning equipment that shipped the first machine in the autumn of 2010 for the first time as this company.
「Up to now we were constructing the control system in the device that had been offered with a sequencer,but this time, we have changed completely to the regulating system that made the personal computer a center by using motionCAT in the latest machine. 」(Mr. Shinya Mitoma)

MotionCAT of the module type is a system that can efficiently construct the regulating systems that make the personal computer a nucleus. (Figure 3).
It consists of two or more slaves that the personal computer controls with the master board inserted in the slot of the personal computer. It connects between slaves with the master board with high-speed serial communications system "Motionnet". Two or more slaves link together a master board by using LAN cable (category 5e or category 6) on the market. The multi-dropped connection is possible. It can have the signal wire in two systems a mastering board, and connect slaves up to eight respectively.One slave is composed of two or more modules, and can connect six modules or less from one module. It can accommodate six axes a slave at the motor control 192 points a slave for DIO. In the module, there are "Communication board" for the network, "Motion module (one axis)" to control motor driver, "DIO module" for digital input/output and Analog input/output module with built-in A-D and D-A translate circuit , etc.

Cleaning equipment Cassette Less
Figure 2 "Cleaning equipment Cassette Less" one of core product of ZENKYO CORPORATION (Expand by the click)

This system can efficiently compose the control system for multi axes. It is possible to arrange by distributing the slave, and space can be used efficiently. In addition, it attracts attention to the engineers of industrial devices it is possible to correspond to the use change in the addition of axes flexibly and promptly. However, not only such a feature was to have paid attention to motionCAT by ZENKYO CORPORATION.
"It is not necessary to control multi axes too much for the device that we were offering. Because Important points evolved cleaning equipment for us according to the evolution of the technology of the semiconductor, a control that was more advanced than a past sequencer was able to be achieved. We thought that motionCAT was advantageous for this. "(Mr. Shinya Mitoma)

The acceleration of the turn table is controlled complexly.

This company thought motionCAT was introduced to control turn table that puts washing wafer more complexly.(Figure 4). The single wafer cleaning equipment that this company is handling fixes wafer on the rotating table, and installs the mechanism that rotates wafer at high speed. The drug solution flows from the inside of wafer outside on the surface of wafer by the centrifugal force when the drug solution is supplied on to the vicinity of the center of rotating wafer. As a result, the surface of wafer is washed. At this time, the flowing quantity of the drug solution can be controlled by changing the speed at which wafer is turned. 「The aim of the latest machine is to change the acceleration when the rotational speed of a geostationary rotating table is improved. However, the acceleration was not able to be controlled with the system that used a past sequencer. Then, we did the examination that built motionCAT introduced to the trading company into the prototype. 」(Mr. Shinya Mitoma)

「motionCAT Figure 3 The regulating system can be efficiently constructed "motionCAT". 」 (Expand by the click. )

As a result of the examination, this company adopted motionCAT for the latest machine of a single wafer cleaning equipment. In the mass production device, the systems that provide with two slaves on the mastering board has been introduced. One controls the servo motor driver of chiefly three axis by the slave that makes the motion module a center. Another controls a mechanism system the loader etc. peripheral by the slave that makes the digital input/output module a center.
「Because the restriction at the programming was less than a regulating system so far at the time of used the sequencer, we were able to develop smoothly. Because it is a reasonable system, I think it is advantageous also in the point of the cost. 」(Mr. Shinya Mitoma)

The program has been made with the samples.

In the development of the regulating system that used the personal computer for this company, this was the first time. Nevertheless, development was able to be advanced in a short term comparatively. "It was about May, 2009 that motionCAT had been introduced first. We were able to finish development for the mass production machine almost in about one year. "(Mr. Shinya Mitoma).Actually, the support of hivertec contributes in efficiently developing considerably. One was the seminar for the developer whom Hivertec executed. This is a seminar intended for the user who is examining introduction and the user who introduces the this company product for the first time. The engineer of this company explains from the basis to mastering the product in the control. 「Three designers participated in a seminar about one month after we had learnt motionCAT. At this time, we were able to learn basic knowledge necessary for the design of the control system. 」(Mr. Shinya Mitoma)

図4 <strong>motionCAT</strong>で実現できる制御
Figure4: Control that can be achieved with motionCAT

Another is a sample program that Hivertec is offering with motionCAT. 「Because it was a program of a practical level even if it was called a sample, a basic part of the program built into the product was able to be made by using the sample program. "」(Mr. Shinya Mitoma). Besides this, Hivertec is newly offering various driver software corresponding to Windows7 because OS of the personal computer that offers it together with the device was "Windows7" this time.

ZENKYO CORPORATION positively examines the development of motionCAT with other products. 「We plan to search for the possibility of the further development while sharing knowledge concerning motionCAT with the designer who takes charge of the development of other devices. 」(Mr. Shinya Mitoma).

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